BLE Member Wayne A. Connor Sr., 56, died of injuries sustained in a highway-rail grade crossing collision near East Feliciana Parish, La., on the morning of June 26.

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H.R. 4844 marked-up in U.S. House of Representatives
Mark-up was expected on July 19 for H.R. 4844 -- the long-awaited legislation to provide tax and benefit changes in the Railroad Retirement Act -- in the House Transportation and Infrastructure and Ways and Means Committees.

ATDD, BLE score major legal victory over NS
The BLE, ATDD, and the rest of rail labor scored a major court victory on June 22 as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a unanimous decision stating that there is no implied "damages remedy" in the Railway Labor Act available to carriers in the event of a strike over a minor dispute.

Legislative news briefs
Important legislative news from the BLE and the railroad industry.

AFL-CIO "do buy" list
How to indentify American-made, union-made tires for your car or truck.

Reviewing your Form BA-6 from the RRB
Each year, the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board prepares a "Certificate of Service Months and Compensation" (Form BA-6) for every railroad employee who received creditable railroad compensation in the previous calendar year.

Part I: Photo recap of 73rd annual Southeastern Meeting Association
The 2000 SMA was held June 18-21 in Louisville, Ky., at the Galt House East hotel.

Part II: Photo recap of 73rd annual Southeastern Meeting Association
The 2000 SMA was held June 18-21 in Louisville, Ky., at the Galt House East hotel.

Three BLE officers receive labor degrees from National Labor College
Three BLE local chairmen recently celebrated milestones in their lives by graduating from the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Md.

BLE recognizes 50-year employee Aud Balogh
A testament to dedication and loyalty in the workplace, BLE employee and Honorary Member Audré H. "Aud" Balogh celebrated 50 years of employment with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers on June 23.

Nominations for division officers begin in September
As outlined in Section 7(a) of the BLE Constitution & Bylaws (page 64), nominations for BLE division officers will be held at the first regular meeting in September.

New GCofA structure now in place on Union Pacific
Earlier this year, BLE members working for North America's largest railroad voted to change their General Committee structure to reflect the impact of recent mergers involving the Union Pacific Railroad. The new structure is now in place, and general committee officers have been elected.

Dubroski addresses British locomotive engineers union
BLE International President Edward Dubroski addressed the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen at the union's 120th annual convention in London, England, on June 15.

Pre-registration form for 65th annual Southwestern Convention
Pre-registration is due by September 5, 2000. Registrations received after that date and on-site at the convention will have an additional $25 per person charge for a total of $100 per person convention fee.


Volume 14 - Number 7
July 2000

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