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Hallé questions UTU over belt packs

May 8, 1997
T. S. Secord
UTU Canadian Legislative Director
750-1595 Telesat Court
Gloucester, ON K1B 5R3
Re: Material Change Notice

Dear Sir and Brother:

This is in reference to your letter of April 24, 1997 concerning the above mentioned subject.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in answering your letter as I was out of the country for a few weeks.

In your letter, you are asking for the Brotherhood's position in respect to the Material Change Notice and the implications on your membership and the safe operation of the passenger trains. Your question was raised in the interest of Labour solidarity, of which the undersigned has always been a supporter.

If you remember when Canadian National introduced the belt pack technology we raised concerns about the safety and the jobs lost. We will be as supportive as the UTU was in the belt pack issue a few years ago.

The undersigned will have to review all the correspondence issue by the UTU on the belt pack and be governed by the same labour solidarity. In the meantime, if you can provide us with your official position it will certainly be helpful to us. As we have not been informed yet of your position.

Fraternally yours,
Gilles Hallé
Canadian Director
cc:T. G. Hucker, VP/NLR
Mike Simpson, GC CNW
B. E. Wood, GC CNE
G. Scarrow, GC CN UTU
M. Hone, VP UTU


Changement des conditions de travail

May 8, 1997
T. S. Secord
Directeur canadien legislatif, TUT
750-1595 Telesat court
Gloucester, ON K1B 5R3
Re: Avis de changement des conditions de travail


La presente fait reference a votre lettre du 24 avril 1997, concernant le sujet ci-haut mentionne.

Pour commencer, je voudrais m'exuser du retard a repondre a votre lettre, puisque j'etais hors du pays pour quelques semaines.

Dans votre lettre vous demandez la position de la Fraternite concernant l'avis de changement des conditions de travail et les implications pour vos membres ainsi que l'operation securitaire des trains de passagers. Votre question a ete soulevee dans l'interet de la solidarite des travailleurs, principe que le soussigne a toujours appuye.

Rappeler-vous quand le Canadien National a introduit la technologie de la loco-commande, nous avons souleve des inquietudes envers la securite et pertes d'emplois. Nous donnerons le meme support que les TUTs nous ont donnes a la FIL il y a quelques annees pour le sujet de la loco-commande.

Le soussigne devra reviser la correspondance publiee par le TUT sur la loco-commande et sera gouvernee par la meme solidarite des travailleurs. Dans l'intervalle, il nous serait tres beneficaire si vous pourriez nous fournir votre position officielle; vu que nous n'avons pas ete informe de cette position.

Fraternellement votre,
Gilles Hallé
Directeur canadian
cc:T. G. Hucker, VP/NLR
Mike Simpson, GC CNW
B. E. Wood, GC CNE
G. Scarrow, GC CN UTU
M. Hone, VP UTU

Ruddick new CN general chairman

The BLE has a new general chairman for the rail traffic controllers in Canada. Jim Ruddick was chosen June 13, in an election against A. Owens.

Brother Ruddick, 42, is from CN Toronto center. He lives in Burlington, and is married with three teenage children. He hired on CN in 1973, as an operator at Hornepayne Ont., and became a qualified traffic controller in 1977. He was local chairman with BRAC for 5 years and also a Rail Canada Traffic Controllers local chairman in Toronto and he a member of the national executive board for the last for the last six years.

"Brother Ruddick has the congratulations of Brother Monin and myself, and all BLE members," said Canadian Director Gilles Hallé.

"Thanks to Brother Owens for his dedication to the BLE." ·


Nouveau president general Ruddick

La Fraternite des Ingenieurs de Locomotives a maintenant un nouveau President General Jim Ruddick pour les Controleurs de la circulation ferroviaire du Canada. Monsieur Ruddick a ete eiu le 13 juin alors qu'il se presentait contre M.A. Owens.

Confere Ruddick, 42, est du centre de Toronto a CN. Il habite a Burlington, est marie et est pere de trols adolescents. Il fut engage a CN en 1973, comme operateur a Hornepayne, Ontario et devint controleur qualifie de la circulation en 1977. Il a ete president local pour la Fraternite des Commis de chemins de fer, de lignes aeriennes et da navigation (FCCF) pendant 5 ans et aussi president local des Controleurs de la Circulation Ferroviaire du Canada a Toronto. Il a aussie ete membre du Bureau Executif National qu cours des six derineres annees.

Felicitations de la part du Confrere Monin, de moi-meme (Gilles Hallé, Directeur Canadien) et de tous les membres de la Fraternite des Ingenieurs de Locomotives. Merci au Confrere Owens pour son devouement a la Fraternite des Ingenieurs de Locomotives. ·


Advisory Board May Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Clarence V. MoninInternational Office: General supervision of BLE activities, meetings; International Western Convention; CSX/Conrail/NS general chairmen mtg., Cleveland; Western General chairman mtg.;
Focus group advisory board mtg.; Designated legal counsel mtg.; AFL-CIO Article XX hearings in Washington D.C.

First Vice-President & Alternate President Edward DubroskiInternational Office. Assisted president supervising BLE activities; Publications Committee; U.S. Nat'l Legislative Board; coordinated vice-presidents' assignments to general committees of adjustment; Conrail/NS/CSX mtgs; Transportation Trades Dept/AFL-CIO; Regional Railroads; Washington D.C. Office assignment; Nat'l Legislative Conference; AFL-CIO Article XX mtgs; AFL-CIO TTD Conrail mtg; BLE International Western Convention; Florence, S.C. memorial service; Las Vegas advisory board and western general chairmen's mtg.; International Western Convention; Chicago, Railroad Retirement Board occupational disability meetings; Section 3 mtgs.; National wage committee.

General Secretary-Treasurer Russell W. BennettInternational Office: Supervision of BLE and BLE Building Assn. financial depts.; Records Dept.; BLE Job Bank; Publications Committee; BLE S-T Training Classes, Memphis; Advisory Board mtg.; General Chairmen's mtg.; International office duties, IWC.

Vice-President Paul T. SorrowInternational Office, Chief of Staff duties; Assisted each CSXT GC of A on single system agreement negotiations; Alabama State Docks Section 6 Negotiations; Public law board hearing, CSXT-Western lines; Assisted Grand Trunk Western; General Chairmen's mtg.; Attended division mtgs., Divisions 50, 271, 370 and 757; Wheeling Lake Erie Section 6 mtgs.; Assisted each NS GC of A.

Vice-President Joseph A. Cassidy Jr.IWC regional mtg.; Amtrak regional mtgs.; Western general chairmen's mtg.; Advisory board mtg.; National Mediation Board mtg.; ID Office research, study, paperwork; National Wage Rules Panel; Assisted on New York and Atlantic Rwy., Long Island Railroad; Nat'l Wage & Rules review panel in Washington, D.C.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Leroy D. Jones Washington D.C. Office: IWC mtg.; Mtg. with Jolene Molitoris, FRA Administrator; High speed rail convention; Mtg. with Bob Allen and Dave Lee, NRLC; FRA EPIC brake hearing; BLE Advisory Board Mtg.; Western General Chairmen's mtg.; George Meany Center; Receptions, Cong. Jonhson (D-WI), DeFazio (D-OR), Hooley (D-OR), Cummings (D-MD), Gordon (D-TN), Boehlert (R-NY), former Senator Exon (D0NE); High seepd rail government relations committee mtg.; Mtg. with C. Dettman, V-P, AAR; Democratic Governors' Association breakfast; office.

Vice-President James L. McCoyIWC mtg.; routine office duties, correspondence; Western General Chairmen's mtg.; General Chairmen's mtg., Las Vegas; UP-BLE Public Law Board 5942, Chicago; UP-SP merger mtgs.; Soo Line mtgs.; Public Law Board 5721; Eastern Idaho-BLE mediation meetings; UP general committee mtgs.

Vice-President William C. WalpertInternational Office. BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; Publications Committee; Public Relations Dept.; BLE Information & Technology Council; BLE Safety Task Force, BLE Special Representatives; Wisconsin Central organizing campaign; National Mobilization Team, Operation Thanos; International Western Convention; Advisory Board mtg; General Chairmen's mtg, National Wage Panel.

Vice-President Edward W. RodzwiczBriefs for SBA 997; Conrail-CSX-NS merger mtgs., Cleveland/Buffalo; So. Buffalo contract; Advisory board mtg., Las Vegas; General chairmen's mtg.; vacation; UP-SP merger, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Longview hubs.

Vice-President Don M. HahsIWC mtg.; UP-SP merger mtgs., Kingwood; BN-SF merger mtgs.; UP system general chairmen's update, all lines; General chairmen's mtg.; Advisory board mtg., Las Vegas; BN-SF merger mtgs., BN special board; UP-SP merger, Little Rock and Longview hubs.

Vice-President Richard K. RadekInternational Office. BLE Decertification Helpline Services; Director of Arbitration Dept; Member National Railroad Adjustment Board, First Division; IWC mtg.; NRAB arbitration; RSAC engineer certification workgroup, Miami; Advisory board mtg., Las Vegas; Western General Chairmen's assoc. & national mtgs.; NRAB executive sessions, Washington D.C.; NRAB part 240.409 proceedings; Section 3 committee, National Academy of Arbitrators; Nat'l Wage and Rules panel, Washington D.C.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles HalléOttawa Office; IWC mtg.; Mtgs. with Division 558; Mtg. with Michel Marcoux; Mtgs. with CN Rail; Advisory board mtg.; General Chairmen's assoc. mtg.; holiday VIA Rail mtgs.; Ontario Northland mtgs.

Vice-President & Canadian National Legislative Representative T. George HuckerOttawa Office. Canadian National Legislative Board; IWC mtg.; Mtgs. with Divisions 510, 793, 258, 788 and 388; CP Rail Canalert mtgs.; General Chairmen's mtg.; CP Rail benefits mtg. with D. Smith; CN Canalert mtgs.; CRLA mtg.; holiday; Division 821 retirement reception; Method of pay ratification count; CP Rail NMC/CMC mtgs. ·


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