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BLE member's home destroyed by tornado

CLEVELAND, Ohio and JOSHUA, Texas ­ A tornado that recently struck the town of Moody, Texas completely destroyed the home and belongings of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Member W. A. "Bill" Slentz and his family.

"Brother Slentz is a long-time member of good standing in BLE Temple Division 206," reports Patrick Williams, vice-general chairman of the Former Santa Fe Committee, BNSF General Committee of Adjustment in Joshua, Texas.

"We'd like to ask for any financial help that any member of the Brotherhood would like to donate toward helping this member and his family in their hour of need."

The tornado struck Moody, on May 27, at about 3:30 p.m. The Slentz family managed to escape in time and, fortunately, there were no injuries.

The tornado destroyed the family home, shop and all other structures on the property. The next day, another tornado struck nearby, making it impossible to recover the family's belongings.

Please send all responses and contributions to the following address:

Engineer W. A. Slentz
c/o Mr. R. A. Cook
Local Chairman,
Division 206
3104 W. Avenue 'R'
Temple, TX 76504

Brother Slentz has been a BLE member for nearly 20 consecutive years. Please help a brother and his family in need! ·


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