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BLE Wage Tables, effective July 1

The following Rate Tables reflect a 3.5% wage increase on both the basic day and mileage rates of pay. BLE General Chairmen should note that these rate tables are based on the standard rate tables and, therefore, do not reflect the various changes which many general committees of adjustment may have changed or amended during your on-property negotiations, i.e., whether or not to include the no-fireman rate of pay in such calculations.

These rates do not apply to Burlington Northern-Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific and CSX Transportation.

General Chairmen whose rates of pay do not include the no-fireman rate of pay or a portion thereof and who need assistance in preparing new rate tables for their properties should contact Dennis Simmerman for assistance. Brother Simmerman can be reached at: (216) 241-2630, extension 255.

Editor's Note: Due to the low resolution required to post images on the Internet, it is too difficult to read the Wage Tables in this setting. We will continue to work on a way to post the tables here. In the meantime, if you should have a need to acquire the Wage Tables, contact Brother Dennis Simmerman at the above telephone number. We apoligize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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