Volume 11, Number 6 -- June 1997

Page 1
BLE mobilizes on CSXT and initiates safety strike
Impartial AFL-CIO judge okays BLE accepting trainmen members
Next focus is division feedback

Page 2
NMB mails ballots for Wisconsin Central vote

Page 3
Denver joins BLE National Mobilization Network

Page 4
BLErs get training at George Meany Center
Capital Briefs

Page 5
BLE member's home destroyed by tornado; your help requested

Page 6, Canadian Spotlight
Hallé questions UTU over belt packs
Ruddick new CN general chairman for BLE
BLE Advisory Board May Activity Reports

Page 7
With AFL-CIO guidance, BLE looking "south of the border"
Sweeny, AFL-CIO seek flood relief assistance
BLE Engineer ratify agreement on Illinois Central

Page 8, BLE Senior Report
Q&A Part I: children, widows may be eligible for RRB benefits
BLE Job Bank

Page 9
UP guilty, fined $163,650 for intimidating employees
V-P Paul Sorrow appointed to Chief of Staff at International Headquarters
BLE Proposes increasing beneftis for widows/widowers

Page 10
BLE Calendar
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Page 11
BLE Wage Tables, effective July 1


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