BLET asked to help with PBS documentary

Bill Moyers and Public Affairs Television is asking for help from BLET members in producing a four-part series on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era that will be broadcast nationally in the spring of 2008 as part of the public television (PBS) series Bill Moyers' Journal.

The series will examine the era between 1877 and 1919 and will show how the "Gilded Age" was transformed into the "Progressive Era" through heroic struggles for democracy and economic justice. Railroad history, and the stories of railroad workers, is an integral part of this film. Producers, who have already visited BLET National Division headquarters in Cleveland, are in need of photographs of railroad workers on the job and with their families to help us tell the stories of the 1877 Strike and the 1894 Pullman Strike.

Producers are hoping BLET members can loan them photos of rail workers from the 1870s-1890s depicting men working on the trains, standing near or on the trains, at home with their families, at labor gatherings and on strike.

If you are interested in sharing your photos with our production, please contact Kristina Cafarella at 212-560-8507, or via the Internet by e-mailing: All photos will be returned.




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