Worthington new Utah State Legislative Board Chairman

Jeff Worthington was elected as the new Chairman of the Utah State Legislative Board at their Quadrennial meeting in Salt Lake City on May 19.

Chairman Worthington is a member of BLET Division 846 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a Union Pacific engineer. He has been a BLET member since 1989.

He was elected to replace long-time Chairman Walt Webster, who is stepping down to plan his retirement.

"The Utah State Legislative Board would like to recognize Walt Webster for his service and dedication to the Brotherhood," Worthington said. "He did a terrific job of bringing our Board into good standing with all political offices and departments in the State of Utah."

Other officers elected at the meeting include: 1st Vice Chairman John Sloan, a member of Division 221 (Provo, Utah); 2nd Vice Chairman Allen Platt, a member of Division 51 (Salt Lake City); and Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Whalen, a member of Division 349 (Salt Lake City).

The officers of the new Board are a diverse group, representing railroad workers from the Union Pacific Railroad, Amtrak and the Utah Railway.

Featured speakers at the meeting included Utah State Senator Ed Mayne; Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon; and Mathew Leebove, State Coordinator, Government Affairs Department - International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Also in attendance were: Mike Muscha, Regional Chairman and North Dakota State Legislative Board Chairman; Pat McDaniels, Secretary-Treasurer of the Nevada State Legislative Board; Gary Mayer, LR of Division 681 (Milford, Utah); Mike Staley, LR of Division 374 (Ogden, Utah); John Greenwood, LR of Division 136 (Ogden, Utah); and Robert Rock, LR of Division 713 (Salt Lake City).

"I would also like to thank Brother Mike Muscha for taking the time to fly out here and attend our meeting," Chairman Worthington said.

Brother Muscha praised Walt Webster for his years of service to the Brotherhood.

"It was a honor to be a guest at the Utah State Legislative Board's Quadrennial meeting in Salt Lake," he said. "Walt Webster and his Board need to be honored for their excellent work through the years for the members in Utah. We fully understand that Walt had to work in a very 'red' state. His accomplishments must be recognized.

"Walt decided to pass the torch on so he and his wife Ann can plan their retirement. He has left the Board in excellent shape and to a very competent group of officers."

Members and guests attending the quadrennial meeting of the Utah State Legislative Board (USLB), from left: John Sloan, USLB 1st Vice Chairman (Utah Railway); Walt Webster, former USLB Chairman; Alan Platt, USLB 2nd Vice (Amtrak); Utah State Senator Ed Mayne; Jeff Worthington, USLB Chairman (UPRR); Pat McDaniels; Robert Rock; Patrick Whalen, USLB Secretary-Treasurer; Gary Mayer; Mike Staley; Mike Muscha, NASLBC Regional Chairman; and John Greenwood.



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