Local Chairman workshop, University of Illinois-Champaign

Several BLET members successfully completed the Education & Training Department's Local Chairman Workshop at the University of Illinois-Champaign in March.

The members learned important skills at the five-day workshop, including representation of members at disciplinary hearings, union leadership skills, claim and grievance handling. Members also participated in a simulated disciplinary hearing. Members also received an $86 per day stipend from the North American Railway Foundation (NARF).

First row, from left: Bill Walpert, National Secretary-Treasurer; Scott Michalek, Local Chairman Div. 253, CP Rail System/US; Jason Shannon, Local Chairman Div. 86, NS NL; Marcus Ruef, Assistant Director of Arbitration; Ken Kroeger Coordinator of Education and Training.

Second row, from left: John Sexton, Local Chairman Div. 200, IC&E; Robert McClendon, Local Committee of Adjustment Div. 578, BNSF STL&SF; John Eutsler, Vice Local Chairman Div. 385, UP Western Lines; J.D. Tindol, Local Chairman Div. 918, UP Southern Region; Donice Morace, Local Chairman Div. 910, UP SR; Michael McVay, Local Chairman Div. 88, UP Eastern District.

Third row, from left: Rick Radek, Vice President and Director of Arbitration; Jeffrey D. Lukehart, Local Chairman Div. 778, UP NR; Chad Cravatta, Vice Local Chairman Div. 294, CP Rail System/US; Ron Mills, Vice Local Chairman, Div. 238, Tacoma Rail; Matthew Maslonek, Local Chairman Div. 292, NS NL

Fourth row, from left: Robert Denlinger, Vice Local Chairman Div. 597, CSX NL; William Clayton, Local Chairman Div 315, CN-IC; Randy Fitzgerald, Local Chairman Div. 302, NS NL; David Cook, Local Chairman Div. 184, CN-WC; Timothy R. Dubois, Vice Local Chairman Div. 385, NS NL; James Ter Doest Jr., Vice Local Chairman Div. 385, NS NL.


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