NS trainmen seek to join BLET

BLET launches A-card campaign at Norfolk Southern at request of UTU members

Citing poor representation from and disillusionment with the United Transportation Union's leadership in Cleveland, trainmen and conductors at the Norfolk Southern are seeking superior union representation from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen.

The BLET has scheduled a series of Town Hall meetings across the NS system over the next month to obtain signed Authorization Cards, or A-Cards, from NS trainmen. The A-Cards will provide a showing of interest and allow the BLET to begin a formal representation election under rules established by the National Mediation Board.

"We are initiating this campaign because UTU members have asked us to," said BLET First Vice-President Ed Rodzwicz. "UTU members are sick and tired of the lackluster representation they have received from their leadership in Cleveland.

"The are also disillusioned and disgusted with the UTU's Letter of Intent imposing seniority maintenance fees and double dues on hard working railroad employees," he said.

It is expected that thousands of new members will join BLET once the NS campaign is brought to a successful conclusion.

"The BLET has taken great strides to unite everyone, maintaining its integrity and not sinking into mudslinging," said Doug Haines, a NS engineer and member of Division 659 in Buffalo. "The BLET offers the best representation for the future."

Since becoming affiliated with the Teamsters, the BLET has seen its membership ranks swell with former UTU members who wish to belong to a larger, more powerful organization.

BLET members have benefited in many ways since affiliating with the Teamsters, enjoying increased influence in local, state and national government.


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