A message from IBT General President James P. Hoffa

Securing America

Safety at Home

Recently, Fort Madison, Iowa, became the 56th community in the United States to pass a remote control safety measure. The Fort Madison resolution bans the operation of trains by remote control within city limits until numerous safety improvements are made. The resolution also prohibits the transportation of hazardous materials by remote controlled locomotives.

The strong response from communities across the country is an indicator of the public's wariness and concern over the remote control issue. With the many security concerns we have today, eliminating the valuable eyes and ears of our trained personnel from locomotive engines is not only bad business, it is also unsafe for our communities.

A Critical Decision

We have a critical decision facing all of us in November. President Bush has proven time and again that he is more concerned with the fiscal health of corporations than the needs of working families. This is in stark contrast to Senator John Kerry. At our recent Unity Conference, Senator Kerry told the thousands of Teamsters attending that, "We know that a strong economy is a growing middle class where every American has a chance to work and an opportunity to succeed. Teamsters know better than anyone that America is at its best when Americans are at work."

The policies of the Bush administration have hurt American workers and have cost jobs, including the loss of jobs overseas due to flawed trade policies. "I'm going to put jobs first in the United States of America," Kerry said. He added that he will respond to trade violations and make sure new trade pacts include enforceable labor and environmental provisions.

We must all work to make certain that John Kerry is elected this fall. Contact your local PAC committee and find out how you and your family can be involved in registering people to vote, handing out leaflets and supporting the election of John Kerry.


James P. Hoffa
Teamsters General President



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