Local Chairmen complete workshop

More than 20 members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers completed the Local Chairman Workshop at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies in Silver Spring, Md.

The intensive week-long workshop is formally known as, "Intro to Union Administration (BLE), Class No. LBUA2919." The course is accredited for three credit hours by the Meany Center for those seeking to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Labor Studies from the George Meany Center-National Labor College.

Members who successfully complete the class are also eligible for a $469 weekly stipend from the North American Railway Foundation. For more information on an upcoming class, contact Ken Kroeger, Special Rep. and Coordinator of the BLE Education & Training Department, at: (216) 272-0986 or e-mail: <Kroeger@ble.org>

The members pictured here successfully completed the Local Chairman workshop held February 2-7. Front row, from left: David Bowen, LC Div 332; Ken Kroeger, Special Rep. and Education and Training Coordinator; Pat Maher, LC, Div. 607; Dan Lemay, LC, Div. 658; Jason Hunter, Actg. LC, Div. 332; George Harris, VLC, Div. 263

Second row, from left: Tom Melvin, LC, Div. 54; Jim Kelton, LC, Div. 272; Stephen McCann, ST/LR, Div. 851; Bob Weisenberger, VLC, Div. 607; Pat Lynch, LC, Div. 446; Dan Schumacher, LC, Div. 142

Third row, from left: Tom Foran, Jr., LC, Div. 171; Roger Weith, LC, Div. 457; Ivan Cole, LC, Div. 381; Charles Lough, Jr., LC, Div. 131; Ron Bernash, LC, Div. 63; Rodney Noakes, LC, Div. 199; Bill Holinka, VLC, Div. 851

Fourth row, from left: Ron Spencer, LC, Div. 185; Brian Baginski, Member, Div. 157; Marcus Ruef, Assistant Director of Arbitration; Keith Stauber, ST / LR, Div. 163; Richard (Dick) DeLano, LC / GC, Div. 163; Don Spatz, Adjunct Faculty, George Meany Center for Labor Studies; Earl Karper, Sr., VLC, Div. 35.



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