Strange but true....

NY subway chief uses tale of bathroom woe

Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Peter Kalikow used a tale of bathroom woe to argue that rolling back a fare hike might provide immediate relief, but could cost more later.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting of the West Side Chamber of Commerce, Kalikow told business leaders that as a boy in Russia, his grandfather once found himself bundled up in a snowstorm with no bathroom in sight.

He decided to "just go," and "the urge was now gratified," but he faced discomfort later when his wet clothing froze, Kalikow said.

"We could pee in our pants now, roll the fare back and everyone will feel great ... but we're going to face it again next year, guys," he said.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Hungry ferret terrorizes passengers on UK train

A hungry ferret caused chaos on a commuter train in central England on May 18, leaping from passenger to passenger before ducking into the driver's cab and devouring his lunch.

"It ran up and down the train causing more than a little consternation - although it is hard to say if the ferret or the passengers were more frightened. It then got into the driver's cab and ate his lunch - a cheese sandwich I think," a company spokeswoman said.

(Reuters contributed to this story.)



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