Texas State Legislative Board reelects Briggs

Congratulations to Brother Terry Briggs who was reelected Chairman of the Texas State Legislative Board (TSLB).

The TSLB held its 11th quadrennial convention in Austin, Texas, April 29-30. Brother Briggs was elevated to the office of Chairman when former TSLB Chairman Raymond Holmes was elected to the office of Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative in September 2001. Brother Briggs had previously served as TSLB 1st vice chairman since 1994.

Other officers elected were:

General Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert and VP & NLR Holmes attended the meeting and gave presentations. Also, Vice-President Merle Geiger attended the convention.

GIA International President Onita Wayland and her husband Tony, GIA 1st Vice President & National Legislative Rep. Becky Schneider, and GIA Texas State Legislative Representative Kathy Yambra were also there. Forty-two of the 44 BLE Divisions in Texas were represented at the meeting.

Members of the BLE's Texas State Legislative Board at its 11th quadrennial convention in Austin on April 29-30, shortly after reelecting Terry Briggs to the office of Chairman. Those in attendance, pictured here, discussed strategy and a number of key legislative issues facing BLE members throughout the United States and, specifically, in Texas. Those in attendance are pictured here.

Front row, from left: David Belcher; Catarino Garcia, TSLB 1st Vice Chairman; James Ussery, TSLB Secretary-Treasurer; Terry Briggs, TSLB Chairman; Terry George; Randall Hardwick; Michael Bonn; Terry Willingham; and Eddie Pahl.

Second Row: Bill Baker; J.R. DuBois; Jackie Colbert; Raymond Holmes, VP & NLR; Jerry Clark; Paul Newton; Chuck May; Michael Davis; and John Finley.

Third Row: Jeff Cheney; George Shea; Rusty Hartley; Klint Kemper; Vern Stokes; Bruce Blalock; Larry Williams; and Mark Burgard.

Fourth Row: Dennis Brown; Gary Celum; Richard Myers; Gary Pedigo; Megan Mead; and Kraig Jackson.

Back Row: Rick Howell; Herb Yambra, TSLB Second Vice Chairman; Ray Poole; Carl Dowell; Larry Schneider; Danny Kidwell; Ken Perrin; Russell Elley; Juan Garza; Robert Cleveland; and Lawrence Kridler. (Present but not pictured are L.D. Johnson and W. J. Howard.)



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