Advisory Board to vote on Teamsters merger

The BLE's Advisory Board will meet in Cleveland on July 9-10 to review and vote on finalized documents relating to the proposed merger with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The BLE's top elected officers will review the proposed IBT/BLE Merger Agreement, bylaws, and various other documents in accordance with Section 1(e) of the BLE Constitution & Bylaws.

These documents are the result of work completed by the Joint IBT-BLE Subcommittees ­- Constitution & Bylaws, Legislative, Finance and Canada.

A two-thirds majority of the Advisory Board must approve the documents before they can be distributed to the membership for a ratification vote.

Upon approval by the Advisory Board, the documents will be mailed to all divisions, general chairmen, state and provincial legislative board chairmen and members of the Advisory Board, and will also be posted on the BLE website. This is known as the "mailing date," as defined by Section 1(e) of the BLE Constitution.

Ballots will be distributed to the general membership 90 days after the mailing date and ballots must be returned 45 days later, or 135 days after the mailing date.

On February 26, 2002, the Advisory Board voted unanimously to explore a merger or affiliation with the Teamsters in accordance with Section 1(e). Members of the Joint Subcommittees were announced on September 6, 2002, and they have been meeting on a regular basis ever since.



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