Seven BLE State Legislative Board Chairmen elected

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers' International Division extends congratulations to seven different Brothers who were elected or reelected Chairmen of their respective State Legislative Boards over the past month.

They are as follows:

Brother Kertesz reported to the Newsletter that he was returned to office by acclamation, as were the other incumbent members of the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board: Robert Sorg, First Vice-Chairman; James O'Neill, Second Vice-Chairman; and David Caniff, Secretary-Treasurer.

"We are humbled by the confidence expressed by those delegates in attendance," Brother Kertesz said of the May 2 meeting. "This administration stands ready to assist every BLE member in Pennsylvania in matters pertaining to safety, sanitation, health and legislation that protects our members."

Brother Kertesz said the Pennsylvania Board plans to make more effective use of its website to better inform members regarding important legislative issues. The website address is: <>.

Chairman Tim Smith of the California State Legislative Board reported to the Newsletter that the following members of his Board were elected: Darrel N. Azarcon, First Vice-Chairman; D.D. Francisco, Second Vice-Chairman; and Mike G. Holt, Secretary-Treasurer.

In Louisiana, representatives from the Federal Railroad Administration, the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) attended the Louisiana State Legislative Board's meeting, where Brother Mike F. O'Brien was re-elected.

In New Jersey, the following members were elected to assist Chairman Michel: Steve Kay, First Vice-Chairman; Bob Daniels, Second Vice-Chairman; and Ed Michael, Secretary-Treasurer.

In related news, the National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen (NASLBC) will hold their annual meeting in August this year at the Thunderbird Hotel and Convention Center in Bloomington, Minn.

Please see the Calendar & Events section on page 8 of this issue for hotel and registration information.

Questions should be directed to NASLBC Secretary-Treasurer Perry Renfro at: <>.

Members of the California State Legislative Board, at their 4th Quadrenniel Session, re-elected Timothy L. Smith as their Chairman during the last week of April

Front row, from left: James Barry, Div. 65; D.D. "Diz" Francisco, Div. 739 and CSLB 2nd Vice-Chairman; Darrel N. Azarcon, Div. 692 and CSLB 1st Vice-Chairman; Timothy L. Smith, Chairman Chairman; Art Ray, Div. 283; James Murphy, Div. 398; Eric Johnson, Div. 662; and Raymond Enriquez, Div. 660.

Back row, from left: Mike Rogers, Div. 425; Louie Fernandez, Div. 383 and Editor of the California State Legislative Board newsletter; Kent Richards, Div. 56; Peter Hinckley, Div. 144; Mike G. Holt, Div. 800 and CSLB Secretary-Treasurer; Paul Turney, Div. 415; and Ron Lopez, Div. 553; Ron Marney, Div. 126. (Not pictured: Palmer Hewlett, Div. 664.)

Members of the Louisiana State Legislative Board re-elected Brother M.F. "Mike" O'Brien as their Chairman. Pictured here, from left, are: Don Willard, Div. 765; Ken Gieseler, Div. 193; Buster Humphrey, Louisiana State Legislative Board Second Vice-Chairman; Paul Lilly, Div. 531; Chairman O'Brien; Raymond Aycock, Div. 326; Raymond A. Holmes, International Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Representative; Terry Briggs, Texas State Legislative Board Chairman; Joe Rinchuso, Div. 219; Bill Morris, Louisiana State Legislative Board First Vice-Chairman; Darrel Booth, Div. 914; Allen Cason, Div. 599; and Bobby Hardy, Div. 632.


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