2001 International Western Convention

Denver, Colorado


GIA President Ruth Pillman-Windham addresses the delegation. Seated is GIA Vice-President Onita Wayland.

BLE members during one of the many educational workshops.

From left: D.W. Hannah, Union Pacific-Western Lines First Vice-Chairman, and Larry Law, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 56 (W. Colton, Calif.).

From left: Mike Young, Union Pacific-Eastern District General Chairman; Ron McLaughlin, former International President Emeritus and interim Chairman of the BLE's Retired Members Association (see page 1 article); and Dennis Simmerman, BLE Alternate General Secretary-Treasurer.

Playing the bagpipes during the opening ceremony is D.J. Anderson, Alberta Provincial Legislative Board Chairman.

From left: T.J. Carter, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 158 (Sparks, Nevada); and Union Pacific-Western Lines General Chairman E.L. Pruitt.

International President Dubroski delivers his report to the membership.



2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers