BLE General Committee establishes new headquarters after tornado

After losing their headquarters to a tornado in March of 2000, members of the BNSF/MRL General Committee of Adjustment have finally settled into a new office.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe/Montana Rail Link GCofA, headed by General Chairman M. W. Geiger, is now located at the following:

All committee files are back in order, and First-Vice Chairman Dennis Pierce reports the GCofA is also working on a new website.

On March 28, 2000, winds of up to 157 mph destroyed the BNSF/MRL GCofA headquarters as a category F2 tornado slammed into the 35-story glass tower that housed the GCofA office. Committee members will be happy to see the old building destroyed.

"We have a front row seat for when they implode the tornado ravaged tower we used to be in," says First Vice-Chairman Pierce.



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