2001 International Western Convention

Denver, Colorado

IWC Chairman Skip Colyer, center, receives a congratulatory plaque for his work in organizing the convention from International President Edward Dubroski, right, and First Vice-President & Alternate President Jim McCoy.

Wisconsin Central General Chairman Jeff Bochman

North Dakota State Legislative Board Chairman Mike Muscha, left, collects a door prize from Mike Weston, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 186 (Denver, Colo.). Brother Weston served on Skip Colyer's IWC arrangements committee.

BLE Division 404 (Chicago) Local Chairman Paul Fessenbecker, standing, asks President Dubroski a question during the IWC's closed session. Seated to the right is Ray Hanck, President of BLE Division 31 in Bill, Wyo.

Conducting a workshop for delegates to September's International Convention is International Division Staff Attorney Tom Brennan.

Amtrak Vice-General Chairman C.A. McDowell



2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers