Hanely new Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman

The Ohio State Legislative Board held its 13th Quadrennial Convention and celebrated its 50th anniversary the week of April 10. Many will remember the meeting with sadness as it was the last one attended by the late Jim Ong. At the meeting, Brother Ong was re-elected to the position of Chairman. However, he died of cancer just four days later.

Tim R. Hanely was elected Vice-Chairman and will succeed Brother Ong as Chairman. Also elected were: Timothy T. Price, 2nd Vice Chairman; Michael J. Goebel, Secretary-Treasurer; and Randy Stewart, Alternate Secretary-Treasurer.

In addition to celebrating the Board's 50 years of tradition, the delegates viewed presentations titled, "The Possible Future of Positive Train Control," "FRA Underreporting," "Safe Rails Secure America," "Remote Control Operations," "Lodging Concerns," and "Family and Medical Leave Act and Railroad Retirement." John Tolman, BLET National Division Chief of Staff, Greg Powell, Michigan State Legislative Board Chairman, and Ken Kertesz, Pennsylvania State Legislative Board Chairman, conducted the presentations.



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