Change to Win's 'Make Work Pay!' campaign to target overpaid CEOs

Did you know that while the average CEO is earning $5,430 an hour, a hard-working janitor makes as little as $7 an hour?

Change to Win is starting a national movement to change that.

Millions of Americans are working their hearts out every day but still falling short of the basics of the American Dream - a paycheck that can support a family, affordable health care, retirement security, a voice on the job and a chance to give their kids an education and a better future.

In early May, Change to Win launched Make Work Pay!, the nation's biggest effort ever to unite the more than 50 million workers providing the vital services that our communities depend on. These are the people who heal the sick and comfort our elderly, harvest and serve our food, and clean and protect our offices and homes.

Change to Win, a federation of seven unions representing six million working people, is working with community groups, people of faith and public officials to build an unprecedented movement to ensure that our lowest-paid workers join the middle-class and share in the American Dream.

In the weeks and months ahead, Change to Win will provide simple and exciting opportunities to make a difference. Together, we can pressure overpaid CEOs and unaccountable corporations, and force changes to working conditions, laws and policies in every corner of the country.

Change to Win has also made available its CEO pay calculator - the results may shock you!

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