Election Supervisor's Sixth Report to BLET Members

Candidate Nominations At The Convention: ­ The 27th International Convention of the IBT is scheduled to convene on June 26, 2006 and have sessions each day through Friday, June 30. Delegates at the convention nominate candidates for IBT international union office.

The schedule for nominations is stated in the Supplemental Election Supervisor Rules for the 27th International IBT Convention. Copies can be obtained at the Election Supervisor's Office at the Convention, located in the Gold Ballroom at Bally's, or by downloading them from www.ibtvote.org. The Supplemental Rules also govern procedures for floor nominations, floor speeches in support of nominations, campaign activity, floor demonstrations, voting procedures, and observer rights for all aspects of the nominations. The Supplemental Rules and Article III, § 5 of the Rules for the 2005-2006 IBT International Union Delegate and Officer Election set out all the rules that govern the nomination process.

A BLET member is eligible to run for an IBT international union office if he or she is a member in continuous good standing for a period of five (5) consecutive months between January 2006 and May 2006, with no interruptions in active membership due to suspensions, expulsions, withdrawals, transfers or failures to pay fines, and assessments during any part of that period.

To be nominated to run for IBT international office, a candidate nominated from the Convention floor must receive at least five percent (5%) of the votes cast in the secret ballot nomination vote for that office. Only delegates accredited by the Office of the Election Supervisor are eligible to cast votes in the secret ballot nomination voting. A candidate for union-wide office (General President, General Secretary-Treasurer, at-large Vice President, International Trustee) must receive at least five percent of the secret ballot nomination votes cast by all delegates. A candidate nominated from the floor for a regional Vice-President position must receive at least five percent of the secret ballot nomination votes cast by all delegates from the floor nominee's region.

Delegate Elections By The Numbers: ­ 614 IBT Local Unions, GCC Local Unions, BLET General Committees of Adjustment, and BMWED System Federations elected delegates to the 27th International Convention of the IBT: almost all of these elections were conducted since January 1, 2006. There were 152 contested elections for Convention delegate; the other delegates were nominated without opposition. Here is the breakdown of delegates expected to attend the Convention:


 # of Delegates

 # of Alternate Delegates

 IBT Locals



GCCC Locals












These are the figures available at the time this publication went to press, before accreditation was completed. The final number of accredited delegates and the number of alternates remaining at the end of accreditation may be different than stated here.

General Election Dates: ­ If any of the IBT international offices are contested after the nominating Convention, the Office of the Election Supervisor will conduct the general election. We expect that ballots would be mailed to the entire IBT membership on October 10, 2006, and that the ballot count would start on November 13, 2006 continuing each day to completion. Details of the balloting and count will be published in coming issues of this magazine, and on www.ibtvote.org.

Candidate Forum: ­ If the office of IBT General President is contested after the nominating Convention, the candidates for that office (or, if they choose, their General Secretary Treasurer running mates) must participate in a candidate forum where they will have an opportunity to address issues affecting the IBT and its members. The forum will be recorded and the recording will be made available for distribution to members. Check www.ibtvote.org after the Convention for details about the date, time and location of the candidate forum.



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