CSX-Eastern Lines General Chairman Tony Smith reelected by acclamation

General Chairman Tony Smith was reelected by acclamation on April 23 at the regular quadrennial meeting of the CSX Eastern Lines General Committee of Adjustment in Troy, Ala.

Brother Smith is a member of BLET Division 332 (Montgomery, Ala.) and first joined the Brotherhood of July 1, 1979.

Also elected were: Vice General Chairman Warren E. Hinely (Division 903, Savannah, Ga.); 1st Vice General Chairman Gary D. Best (Division 498, Abbeville, S.C.); 2nd Vice General Chairman David Johns (Division 648, Waycross, Ga.); 3rd Vice General Chairman Terry D. Davis (Division 717, North Augusta, S.C.); 4th Vice General Chairman Troy L. Bryant (Division 532, Richmond, Va.); Secretary-Treasurer Mike L. Tanner (Division 769, Sanford, Fla.); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Jeff A. Upton (Division 435, Hamlet, N.C.).

BLET First Vice President Paul T. Sorrow represented the National Division at the quadrennial session, along with Vice President Dennis R. Pierce. The CSX Eastern Lines has been one of First Vice President Sorrow's main assignments for many years, and is himself a member of Division 498 in Abbeville, S.C. Vice President Pierce is newly assigned to the CSX properties and used the meeting to acquaint himself with the officers and members of the GCA.

In addition to the election of officers, the delegates to the quadrennial session addressed key concerns of the membership and conducted business for the good of the order.

The CSX Eastern Lines General Committee of Adjustment represents approximately 1,400 members from 21 different BLET divisions who live and work in six different states - Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia.


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