Hours of Service survey underway

Members urged to participate; Deadline is July 15

On Friday, May 9, hundreds of surveys were mailed to randomly- selected BLET and UTU members working in engine service or train service. The FRA-sponsored scientific and confidential survey, conducted by Foster-Miller, Inc., is designed to develop detailed information on hours of service and work/rest schedules, and is similar to previous studies involving train dispatchers, maintenance of way employees and signalmen.

Those selected have been asked to fill out work/sleep diaries for a two-week period. Participants will complete a brief background survey and keep a daily log for 14 consecutive days of sleep and work times along with self-assessments of their level of alertness five times per day.

The purpose of the study is to develop a better understanding of the work/rest schedules and sleep patterns of operating crews and to evaluate the relationship between these schedules and fatigue. In a letter to those selected, National President Ed Rodzwicz stated that "Your participation is critical to the success of this study. The data will allow us to identify any fatigue-related problems specific to our crafts."

"Once we have the data, we will be able to work toward reducing the risk of fatigue-related accidents and incidents and improving the quality of life for our members," Rodzwicz added.

Completing the background survey should take less than 15 minutes, and making entries in the daily log should require no more than a total of 10 minutes per day. As a reward for participation in this study, those who provide 14 consecutive days of data and a completed background survey will receive a $75 gift certificate to either Home Depot or Sears.

BLET members who have been selected for participation and received a survey packet are reminded that the deadline for returning the materials is July 15. Any questions or problems should be referred to the Foster-Miller contact identified in the packet.


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