Strange but true....

Conductors need hospital care after headbutting contest

A group of Russian train conductors needed hospital treatment after smashing their heads repeatedly against a train window to find out who had the strongest forehead.

The conductors came up with the contest as a way of passing time on the 3,000 mile journey from Novosibirsk in Siberia to Vladivostock.

The men were treated in hospital after stopping the train midway through the journey at the town of Vyazemskaya and demanding medical help, the Russian newspaper Pravda reports.

Japanese engineer suspended for eating on duty

A warning to freight train drivers -- eating a rice ball on duty violates the rules.

A 55-year-old freight train engineer of Japan Freight Railway Co.'s Okayama district was seen eating a rice ball while operating a train on the Sanyo Line in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, by the driver of a vehicle passing on a nearby highway on the morning of April 23.

The firm suspended the driver from duty and sent a notice to each of its districts demanding compliance with its rules, which permit drivers to chew gum and drink water, but ban eating.

The driver was quoted as saying: "I was careless. I'm sorry."

(The Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri carried this report on May 1.)



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