25 communities take action on remotes

17 cities, 8 counties pass resolutions that call for improved safety of remote control

Durand, Mich., is the 17th U.S. city to adopt a resolution regarding remote control locomotives.

In addition, Erie County, Ohio, became the 8th U.S. county to take action against remotes.

The Durand resolution was passed on April 21 and asks the Federal Railroad Administration to "conduct a comprehensive and thorough review of the safety of remote control locomotives and develop comprehensive regulations for the use of remote control locomotives to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens of Durand will not be jeopardized by the use of such devices."

Greg Powell, Chairman of the BLE Michigan State Legislative Board, lobbied on behalf of the resolution along with G.A. Chapman, President of BLE Division 650 (Flint, Mich.) and M.J. Tyler, Local Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of Division 650. Brother Powell thanked these two Brothers as well as all members of Division 650 for their efforts. In addition, he thanked Mayor Deborah Doyle and members of the Durand City Council for adopting the resolution.

The 16 other U.S. cities to adopt similar resolutions are Baton Rouge, La.; Detroit, Mich.; Shreveport, La.; Marysville, Mich.; Boston, Mass.; Cleveland, Ohio; Pine Bluff, Ark.; North Little Rock, Ark.; Beardstown, Ill.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Woodbridge, N.J.; Belen, N.M.; Maple Heights, Ohio; Alliance, Neb.; Evansville, Ind.; and Dupo, Ill.

The Erie County, Ohio, resolution was adopted on April 24. It is the third Ohio county and 8th U.S. county to pass a resolution calling for improved safety of remote control locomotives.

The resolution asks railroad companies to refrain from operating remote control trains in Erie County until several safety considerations are met, including:

Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman Jim Ong lobbied on behalf of the Erie County resolution. He recognized the efforts of Mike Richmond, Legislative Representative of BLE Division 447 (Bellevue, Ohio), and Carl Rice, retired Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio State Legislative Board. Brother Ong also thanked the Erie County Commissioners for passing the resolution.

In addition to Erie County, seven other counties have passed resolution that call for further investigation and improved safety of remote control operations. They are: Douglas County, Wisc.; West Baton Rouge Parish, La.; Point Coupee Parish, La.; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Huron County, Ohio; Whitley County, Ky.; and Unicoi County, Tenn.

Text of the Durand resolution is available on the BLE website at: http://www.ble.org/pr/pdf/durand.pdf

Text of the Erie County resolution is on the BLE website at: http://www.ble.org/pr/pdf/erie.pdf


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