Ertman helps members on KCS

For the past 11 years, W.R. "Bill" Ertman has dutifully served BLE Division 527 (Pittsburg, Kan.) as secretary-treasurer and legislative representative.

Following in his father's footsteps, Ertman began his railroad career in Pittsburg, Kan., as a telegrapher for the Kansas City Southern in 1961. He also worked as a brakeman for the KCS in 1977. He went firing on Dec. 22, 1979, and was promoted to engineer on May 22, 1980. His father, Raymond, was also a locomotive engineer for the KCS.

Since he joined the BLE in 1987, Brother Ertman has been committed to serving this organization and his fellow members. He has helped to shape the future of the BLE by serving as a delegate to the International Division Convention in 1996, and helped preserve its future by volunteering to be a member of the Mobilization Team on the KCS. All the while, he made sure his fellow members were treated fairly by fighting for their back pay.

"Bill deserves an award for the most dedicated union officer," said General Chairman Sam Parker.

"He is what you would call an expert on the pay issues that might arise on the property, and would extend a helping hand to any Union Brother."

Brother Ertman and his wife, Yvonne, have a daughter, Leanne, and four grandchildren.

"Bill's hobby is his union," said Tim Windsor, Local Chairman of Division 527. "Bill works continuously helping the members of the BLE."


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