BLE, Teamsters resume discussions

Leaders of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and International Brotherhood of Teamsters continued discussions regarding a merger or affiliation in Las Vegas during the first week of May.

The BLE-Teamster talks were held after the Teamster's one-day special convention for "Building Teamster Power."

Among the issues discussed during these meetings was a membership per capita fee that the BLE International Division would pay to the Teamsters each month, in the event BLE members voted in favor of a merger or affiliation. This fee would be structured after the way all AFL-CIO affiliates pay a monthly per capita fee to the national AFL-CIO. Discussions also touched on health and welfare issues and the resources that the Teamsters and BLE have to offer.

"The meetings went very well and we are optimistic that the terms and conditions for a merger or affiliation of the BLE and the IBT will be worked out to the satisfaction of our members, who will have the final say on this issue," BLE President Don M. Hahs said.

On February 27, the BLE's Advisory Board unanimously approved a motion allowing the BLE's Executive Committee to explore a possible merger or affiliation with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, in accordance with Section 1(e) of the BLE Constitution & Bylaws.


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