BLE leaders discuss remotes at Western General Chairmen's meeting

BLE members and officers spent a great deal of time discussing the implementation of remote control technology at the annual Western General Chairmen's Association meeting. From left: P.J. Williams, BNSF Vice-Chairman (former AT&SF); M.O. Wilson, BNSF Vice-Chairman (former CB&Q/GN/NP/SP&S); D.R. Pierce, BNSF/MRL General Chairman; A.G. Morrison, BNSF General Chairman (former C&S/CRI&P/FWD); R.C. Gibbons, BNSF General Chairman (former STL-SF); and M.F. Chenchar, Union Pacific-Eastern District First Vice-Chairman.

From left: D.M. Menefee, CSXT-Northern Lines General Chairman; Steven Speagle, BLE International Vice-President; L.W. Sykes, Norfolk Southern-Northern Lines General Chairman; M.A. Young, Union Pacific-Central Regional General Chairman; P.J. Williams, BNSF Vice-Chairman; (partially obscured) M.O. Wilson; and D.R. Pierce.

From Left; R.R. McMillin, member of BLE Division 367 (Springfield, Mo.); S.W. Parker, Kansas City Southern General Chairman; Merle Geiger, BLE International Vice-President; W.L. Morris, Local Chairman of BLE Division 316 (Atlanta); C.L. Roy, CSXT-Western Lines General Chairman; A. Smith, CSXT-Eastern Lines General Chairman; and J.W. Hinely, CSXT-Eastern Lines Vice-Chairman.

From Left; J.R. Koonce, Illinois Central General Chairman; G.L. Gore, Union Pacific-Southern Region General Chairman; T.J. Donnigan, Union Pacific-Western Region General Chairman; M.L. Elsberry, Union Pacific-Northern Region First Vice-Chairman; and B.D. MacArthur, Union Pacific-Northern Region General Chairman.




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