Teamsters, 20 BLE Divisions participate in UP informational picketing

Members representing 20 Divisions of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE), along with members of Teamsters Local 222, conducted informational picketing on April 19 in Salt Lake City to educate shareholders of the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) about the potential dangers of using non-qualified workers to operate remote control locomotives in the railroad industry.

The informational campaign began at 8:30 a.m. (MST) outside of the Little America Hotel at the annual meeting of UP's shareholders. The Union Pacific engineers distributed flyers predicting that the use of the remote control technology by non-qualified ground personnel would reduce productivity by more than 30 percent.

The flyers also indicated that Union Pacific could avoid this and other potential problems by using federally-certified locomotive engineers to operate remote control locomotives. The flyers urge UP shareholders to, "Insist that certified locomotive engineers, the most qualified and experienced personnel, continue to operate locomotives. This will guarantee and insure that everyone's best interests are served."

In addition to the flyers, the BLE and Teamster members held large banners and posters with slogans such as, "Safe, productive and proud since 1863 the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers."

The 20 BLE Divisions participating in the April 19 demonstration were: 349, 846, 55, 136, 222, 374, 681, 713, 888, 794, 228, 766, 236, 362, 676, 193, 366, 415, 44 and 245.

It was a family affair as Larry E. Stevenson brought his daugther, Hunter, along to participate in the informational picketing. Brother Stevenson is a member of BLE Division 374 (Ogden, Utah).

From left: Teamster Local 222 members Corey Haslam and Brian Ham.

Teamster Local 222 member Matt Wagner.

Union Pacific President & CEO Ike Evans (holding umbrella) meets with BLE members at the UP shareholders' meeting. As a result of the picketing, the BLE now has a commitment from Mr. Evans to schedule a meeting with all the BLE-UP General Chairmen in the near future.

D.A. Bartlett (right) and an unidentified member of Teamsters Local 222 participate in the BLE's informational picketing at the UP shareholder meeting outside the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brother Bartlett belongs to BLE Division 713 (Salt Lake City).

From left: Teamster Local 222 members Kolette Ottley, Rusty Hart and Ed Bagwell.



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