Safety program seeks information on near hits at UP's highway-rail grade crossings

Former BLE Wyoming State Legislative Board Chairman Kevin McCarthy reports that the BLE is working to record near hits at highway-rail grade crossings across the entire Union Pacific system.

The BLE is working in conjunction with the Union Pacific Railroad, the Federal Railroad Administration and the United Transportation Union on the safety project.

The goal is to create a database of information to assist in analyzing unsafe areas and preventing accidents on the UP system.

BLE and UTU members will receive near hit postcards in their crew packs, which they are asked to fill out and mail to report any near hits they encounter while on duty.

In addition to the post cards, members can call a toll-free number to report near hits. That number is (800) 892-1283.

The joint program is the result of a SACP subcommittee. SACP stands for "Safety Assurance and Compliance Program."

Brother McCarthy reports the group had its initial meeting in March and has another scheduled for May.


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers