Ed Rodzwicz new BLET President

Edward W. Rodzwicz is the new National President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen.

Former National President Don M. Hahs was removed from office on March 20 by order of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, based upon the recommendations of a hearing panel appointed under Article XIX of the IBT Constitution. Brother Hahs has appealed the decision.

The decision came about after several months of investigation by the Independent Review Board (IRB) and the Article XIX panel. The panel indicated that it was unwilling to conclude that Brother Hahs committed embezzlement; however, it determined that Hahs violated his fiduciary duties to the BLET and its members in connection with the use and control of Cleveland Cavaliers basketball tickets purchased with union funds, travel expenses for his wife, and other personal expenses, thereby bringing reproach upon the IBT in violation of the IBT Constitution. The panel's recommendation was reissued as a decision of IBT President James P. Hoffa.

In line with the Panel's recommendations, General President Hoffa also imposed the following penalties upon National President Hahs, effective March 20: Brother Hahs is removed from his current office in the BLET and prohibited from holding any office or employment with the BLET or any affiliated benefit fund, the IBT or any IBT affiliate, until the current term of office for BLET National President has expired in 2010; Brother Hahs is suspended from membership in the BLET and IBT for one year, during which time he shall be barred from having any knowing contact, including social contact, with officers, employees and members of the BLET and IBT and any affiliated entities; and Brother Hahs is fined in the amount of $44,963.97. Members are cautioned against having any knowing contact with Brother Hahs during this one year period.

The decision must be approved by the IRB and the federal court.

Under BLET's Bylaws, the First Vice President assumes the duties of the National President if the latter is unable to continue holding office for any reason. As General President Hoffa's decision became effective immediately upon its receipt, BLET First Vice President Edward W. Rodzwicz assumed the duties of National President on March 20.


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