Election Supervisor's Fifth Report to BLET Members

Delegate Elections Update: ­ A total of 155 IBT locals, including 12 BLET General Committees of Adjustment, had contested elections by the April 30, 2006 end date for delegate elections; delegates and alternates from other General Committees, BMWED System Federations, and IBT and GCC locals were nominated without opposition. Get the list of certified delegates at www.ibtvote.org.

(There are separate links to the certified delegate lists for IBT locals, GCC locals, BMWED SFs and BLET GCAs.)

As delegate election results are certified, the name and GCA affiliation of each elected delegate will be posted to the list of Certified Convention delegates and alternate delegates. Each certified delegate and alternate will receive a confirming letter from the Election Supervisor.

Any member may contact a delegate or alternate delegate to the IBT Convention. A member needing contact information for a delegate may ask the delegate's GCA, or may obtain that information from the Election Supervisor's office.

Delegate Convention Expenses: ­ Delegates attending the IBT Convention are on official union business, and each General Committee is responsible for paying the travel, lodging, lost wages and per diem expenses for its delegates (and for alternates, if the General Committee election plan provided for that). An Advisory Regarding Payment of Expenses for Convention Delegates and Alternate Delegates explaining this responsibility was mailed to each General Committee and to each elected delegate and alternate. You can get this Advisory at www.ibtvote.org.

Know the Procedures for Nominating IBT International Union Officers: ­ The Election Supervisor has issued the Supplemental Rules that state the schedule and procedures for nominations of candidates for IBT International Union Office at the 2006 IBT Convention, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 26-30, 2006. Get a copy of the Supplemental Rules at www.ibtvote.org.

Election Protests: ­ IBT members, including BLET members, have filed more than 260 protests raising issues including candidate eligibility, bulletin board access, use of union resources, and fundraising.

The decisions on specific protests are examples of how the 2006 Rules apply to the very real world of election activity. Want to know how the 2006 Rules cover particular campaign activity? Search for protest decisions and read them at www.ibtvote.org.

Candidate Forum in August: ­ The 2006 Rules require the nominated candidates for IBT General President (or, if they choose, their General Secretary Treasurer running mates) to participate in a forum where they will have an opportunity to address issues affecting the IBT and its members. The debate will be recorded and the recording will be made available for distribution to members. Check www.ibtvote.org after the Convention for details about the date, time and location of the candidate forum.

Do You Want Your Own Copy of the 2006 Rules? ­ Contact the Election Supervisor's Office in Washington, D.C. and request your copy of the 2006 Rules. Rules booklets are available in English, Spanish and French. Call toll-free 888-IBT-2006 (888-429-2006) or send your request by email to ElectionSupervisor@IBTvote.org

Richard W. Mark
Election Supervisor
Office of the Election Supervisor
for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
1725 K Street, N. W.
Washington, DC 20006
888-IBT-2006 (Toll Free)
202-429-0030 (Facsimile)


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