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NJ Transit training 'inadequate,' BLET says

BLET General Chairman Bob Vallochi criticized NJ Transit for not doing enough to retrain its engineers.

After six trains went through stop signals within five months, NJ Transit began what it called an "aggressive plan" to retrain all 419 engineers over 30 days by sending supervisors to ride with them.

"This is absolutely not aggressive training," he said. "What they're doing is just a stop- gap measure. It's not going to stop another stop signal violation."

Six engineers allegedly went through stop signals between November and March and were suspended without pay for 30 days.

The incidents occurred at New York Penn Station and Secaucus Junction.

Vallochi said NJ Transit has been relying on engineers with too little experience to provide training to their co-workers.

"That's the training - they tell us, 'Be careful,'" he said.

(From the Newark Star-Ledger)

Ex-TSA official faults rail security efforts

A former TSA official says the government didn't have adequate plans to secure hazardous rail shipments when he was with the agency.

Former Deputy Administrator Stephen McHale was the TSA's second-ranking official from 2002 to 2004. He says he was disappointed at the pace and the amount of resources the government directed to secure chemicals, explosives and other dangerous materials on the nation's rails.

(The Associated Press)


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