A special thank you to Carrizozo, N.M., from the BLET

The entire community of Carrizozo, N.M., came together during the aftermath the tragic train accident that occurred in Carrizozo on February 21.

During that time, the Carrizozo Heritage Museum selflessly opened its doors allowed its facility to serve as the Command Center for dedicated crews who worked so long and diligently in the aftermath of the terrible accident.

The Museum generously stayed open the entire time, providing shelter for all the crews, emergency workers, investigators, and everyone else involved in the accident cleanup and investigation. Local businesses also put forth special efforts to make food and drinks available to the crews.

On behalf of the men and women of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, BLET National President Don M. Hahs offered his sincere appreciation and thanks to everyone in the Carrizozo community, especially the Carrizozo Heritage Museum, for their generous support, assistance and cooperation.

Special recognition and thanks go out to the following:


Carrizozo Heritage Museum
Roland & Vera Caster
Ray & Diane Dean
Van Shamblin
Rene Burton
Ann Buffington
Don & Barbara Culbertson
Cynthia Culbertson
Tyler Shropshire
Dick Bryant
Dorothy Forsythe
Polly Chavez
Carrizozo Joe's
Joe & Karla Organist
Four Winds Restaurant
Chris and Di
Fran Altieri
Theresa Cleary
Monica Wheeler
Barbara Ward
Dean & Nancy Lollar
Gail & Bill Yates
John & Star Ducharme (Vaughn, N.M.)
Snooks & Anny McDaniel
Mozelle Harkey
Sturges Market
Carrizozo Texaco
Carrizozo Allsups
Priscilla Mitchell
Mary Miglionico
Chris Dugger
Angelo & Ruby Vega


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