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United Healthcare to hold open enrollment

During the month of May 2004, United Healthcare will hold an open enrollment under GA-23111.

During this open enrollment, any individual eligible for coverage under one of the GA-23111 plans can enroll and will be accepted for coverage without any medical underwriting or requirement of good health. There are no limitations on pre-existing conditions.

Enrollment in May 2004 will be for coverage effective June 1, 2004. Only those applicants who mail their Enrollment Form in May 2004, will be considered for open enrollment.

This open enrollment is being held:

If someone you know meets the new GA-23111 eligibility provisions, open enrollment provides an opportunity for them to become covered. You may also enroll your spouse or eligible children if they are not currently covered. In addition, open enrollment under Plans D or F is available for your parent or parent-in-law.

Anyone interested in enrolling should call the following phone number to obtain an Enrollment Form or get additional information:

The next open enrollment is planned for May 2006.

United Healthcare to issue new ID cards

In the latter part of April, BLET members covered by GA-23111 will be receiving new, laminated ID cards from United Healthcare. The cards will replace the paper card currently issued. In addition to being more durable, this new card has a magnetic strip on the back, which will allow medical providers to access UnitedHealthcare's systems to determine deductible or co-payment. The new card lists all of your dependents, so you can use one card for all family members. You will receive only two of these ID cards for your family. If you require more cards, please call the customer service number provided on the card.

There will also be a new identification number on the ID card, replacing the Social Security Number. With the increasing concern about identity theft, UnitedHealthcare has taken this step to maintain your privacy. You will also see this new ID number on all correspondence and Explanation of Benefits we send you.

If you are not eligible for Medicare, you should point out your new ID number to all of your medical providers so they can submit bills to UnitedHealthcare under your new ID number.

If you are eligible for Medicare (covered under Plan D or Plan F), your medical providers will continue to use your current Medicare ID number (and not your new UnitedHealthcare ID number) to submit bills to Medicare.

New website available for health care information,

United Healthcare has launched a new website,, to help answer membership questions and concerns about their healthcare coverage.

All site features are free once registration is completed. BLET members and covered dependents can use to conduct a variety of transactions that have traditionally required a phone call or letter.

Features include:

Members will need to register at in order to have full access to all site features.

Improved vision care benefits now available

The new BLET National Agreement provides an improved vision care plan. Members were formerly covered by the Railroad Employees National Vision Plan, but are now covered by the VSP Standard Plan. This new plan is automatically available for any member working under the National Agreement.

Among the improvements, the VSP Standard Plan increases frame allowances from $75 to $115, and pays for lenses up to 61 mm in full. The VSP Standard Plan also offers a more extensive network of providers.

A chart comparing the VSP Standard Plan with the former plan can be viewed on the BLET website at:


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