S-T workshop approved for college credits

The BLE's Secretary-Treasurer Training class was recently accredited for two college credits at the George Meany Center-National Labor College (GMC-NLC).

The S-T Training class is the second class offered by the BLE's Education & Training Department to win approval for college credits through the National Labor College. The Local Chairman's workshop has been accredited since the late-1990s.

In January, Education & Training Coordinator Ken Kroeger applied to the GMC for accreditation for the Secretary-Treasurer Training class, which was first offered by the BLE in January 1998. In March, the Meany Center accredited the course for two college credits. The four-day course is titled "Union Finance," Class No. LBST2993.

The BLE's Local Chairman's workshop, a five-day intensive workshop, is accredited for three college credits. The George Meany Center titled the workshop "Intro to Union Administration (BLE)," Class No. LBUA2919. The BLE Education & Training Department offers the course at least three times a year at the GMC-NLC, and also at other venues around the country on an as-needed basis.

In order to receive college credits for these courses, students are required to pay an additional $90 for the Local Chairman's Class, and $60 for the S-T workshop.

In addition to the Local Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer classes, BLE members may also take a four-day Hazardous Materials workshop for college credit. The hazmat class, worth three college credits, is titled "Four-day Hazardous Waste/Chemical Emergency Response Training," Class No. LBSH3400.

For working union members wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Labor Studies, the GMC-NLC offers a complete degree program, which is open to all members of AFL-CIO-affiliated unions. The program is designed for those who cannot be served by traditional educational institutions and conventional educational mechanisms.

"This is a great opportunity for BLE members to continue their education," BLE President Don Hahs said.

For further information or to register for an upcoming class, please contact Ken Kroeger at (216) 272-0986 or Kroeger@ble.org.


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