What's Inside
Volume 17 - Number 4
April 2003

Evansville, Ind., says no to remotes

Maple Heights, Ohio, addresses remotes

BLE scholarship info on website

Oberstar, Hahs talk at AFL-CIO mtg.

S-T workshop approved for college credits

BLE honors 30-year employee at retirement

Military service and Railroad Retirement

Upcoming Railroad Retirement informational conferences

Tennessee county opposes remote control

Belen, N.M., becomes 13th city to pass remote control resolution

Two Louisiana counties oppose remote control

Alliance, Neb., resolution takes aim at remotes

Seventh U.S. county opposes remote control

BLE mourns loss of Rodney Stutes

Deadlines near for IWC-03, Sparks

Pre-registration form for SMA 2003, Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

EUMA registration forms

Advisory Board March 2003 Activity

Calendar & Events


Survey results back IBT

If an election were held today, more than three quarters of BLE members would vote to support an affiliation with the Teamsters Union, according to results from both a direct membership survey of BLE members and a scientific telephone poll.

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BLE gets landmark FELA win at Supreme Court

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers played a key role in protecting the Federal Employers Liability Act -- and the rights of all railroad workers -- in a landmark Supreme Court decision issued on March 10.

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President Hahs statement of support for troops

As the war in Iraq develops, hundreds of thousands of brave men and women in uniform find themselves in harms way thousands of miles from their homes and loved ones. They deserve our respect, admiration and support.

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16th U.S. city opposes remote control

The Village of Dupo, Ill., became the 16th U.S. city to approve a resolution prohibiting the use of remote control locomotives. Sixteen cities and seven counties have now adopted resolutions that call for improved safety of remote control operations.

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