ID to create Passenger Service Dept.

International President Don M. Hahs announced in early April that the BLE is in the process of establishing a Passenger/ Commuter Service Department to improve the services it provides to all passenger railroad general committees of adjustment.

At the request of the passenger general chairmen, President Hahs named First Vice-President E.W. Rodzwicz to head the department. He will be assigned to represent the ID on their respective properties.

The announcement came after months of discussions between the ID and the passenger general chairmen, who represent engineers on Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, METRA, Metro North, New Jersey Transit, PATH and SEPTA.

More information will be provided in upcoming editions of the Locomotive Engineer Newsletter.

Seated, from left: T.C. Brennan, ID Staff Counsel; R.J. Darcy, Division 373 Local Chairman; and R.J. Nunziato, PATH General Chairman. Standing, from left: M.B. Kenny, Amtrak General Chairman; R.G. Dixon, SEPTA General Chairman; R.A. Vallochi, New Jersey Transit General Chairman; R.M. Evers, Long Island Rail Road General Chairman; and E.W. Rodzwicz, BLE First Vice-President & Alternate President.



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