BNSF safety agreement out for ratification

The four BLE General Committees of Adjustment representing locomotive engineers on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway are in the process of voting on a proposed safety agreement, which stems from the April 2001 "safety summit" between the BLE, BNSF and the United Transportation Union.

The proposed agreement would give the General Committees and local committees more involvement in the safety process, and would provide employees with remedial training instead of punitive discipline procedures.

More details regarding the specifics of the proposed agreement will be released if the proposal is ratified by a majority of BLE members on the BNSF.

The BLE is a democratic organization which gives its members the right to vote on agreements that govern their daily working rules, no matter what craft they are working in. This allows members to ratify agreements that they feel are in their best interest. It was out of concern that public statements would interfere with this process that the BLE requested nothing be published regarding the BNSF safety agreement until our internal ratification process was completed.

The four general chairmen, Rick Gibbons, Dennis Pierce, Austin Morrison, and John Mullen, along with Vice-Presidents Dale McPherson and Stephen Speagle, worked in concert with the UTU general chairmen and BNSF management to secure this proposed agreement.

The BLE ratification process for the BNSF safety agreement is expected to conclude at the end of April.



2002 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers