April 2002 Calendar & Events

MAY 12-17 Local Chairman Workshop at George Meany Center, Silver Spring, Md.

Under the direction of General Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert, the BLE Education & Training Department hosts the first of three Local Chairman workshops in 2002. These classes are not just for new local chairmen - the BLE encourages all local chairmen, regardless of experience, to attend. Classes are also open to non-local chairmen, provided they have their local chairman's permission to attend. Registration is on a first come, first-served basis with class size limited to the first 25 who register. To register, contact Brother Ken Kroeger of the BLE Education & Training Department at: (216) 272-0986, or e-mail: <kroeger@ble.org>.

JUNE 2-7 Local Chairman Workshop at Clark Kerr Campus, U.C. Berkeley, California

Among other assignments, the workshops will include BLE organizational structure and functions, representing members at disciplinary and decertification hearings, union leadership skills, claim and grievance handling, and writing and editing skills. Participants also will learn how to effectively use the BLE arbitration database. A highlight of the workshops is when attendees participate in a simulated disciplinary hearing. To register, contact Ken Kroeger at: (216) 272-0986, or e-mail: <kroeger@ble.org>.

JUNE 16-20 75th Southeastern Meeting Association, Virginia Beach, Va.

For preregistration form, please contact Chairman T.C. Emory at 4912 Euclid Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462. E-mail requests can be sent to: <ble456@mindspring.com>.

JULY 21-25 62nd Annual International Western Convention, Kennewick, Wash.

To be held at the Tri-Cities Hotel and hosted by Chairman Will Amaya, (509) 628-8844 or <hotthrottle.will@verison.net>.

AUGUST 18-22 Eastern Union Meeting Association, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Hosted by Arrangements Chairman Ken Kertesz and members of BLE Division 263 at the Woodlands Inn & Resort. Contact Kertesz at (570) 675-2417 or: <kkertesz@dallas.gotmc.net>.

SEPTEMBER 23-26 67th Annual Southwestern Convention Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hosted by Chairman Mark Banton and members of BLE Division 500 at the Radisson Hotel in Fort Worth. Contact Chairman Banton at (817) 641-4606.

OCTOBER 13-18 Local Chairman Workshop, George Meany Center, Silver Spring, Md.

See above for registration details and other information.




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