Advisory Board March 2001 Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Edward Dubroski-International Office: General supervision of BLE activities; Publications Cmte.; Mtg. with NS GCs and VGCs; Mtg. w/ regional meeting arrangements chairmen; Chaired TTD Rail Labor Div. mtg.; Louisiana State Legislative Board conference call; ASLRRA reception; Mtg. w/ Cong. Sherwood Boehlert; Mtg. w/ various short line industry CEOs and executives; "Cram down" negotiations; Railroad Retirement reform press conference; Event w/ New York Governor Pataki; National Wage Committee mtg.

First Vice-President & Alternate President James L. McCoy- FVP duties, contacted GCofAs, SLBCs, telephone calls, correspondence, etc...; Publications Committee mtg.

General Secretary-Treasurer Russ Bennett-International Office: Supervision of BLE Financial depts.; Records Dept.; BLE Job Bank; Publications Cmte.; CRLO mtg.

Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow-Served as employee member of SBA 1063, PLB 5395, and PLB 5724; National wage/rules mtg.; Assisted GTW GCofA in negotiating seniority agreement; Attend NS-E GCofA executive committee mtg. w/ newly elected local chairmen; Assist CSX GCofAs in single agreement negotiations; Assist GTW, NS, CSX GCofAs w/ various issues.

Vice-President Joseph A. Cassidy Jr.- General office duties; Conference with DM&IR management; Study & paperwork; Conference w/ Gen. Chairmn. D. Hall, Elgin, Joliet & Eastern; Amtrak; New York Susquehanna & Western; Work at the discretion of the President; Compose speech for CSX General Chairman's mtg.; Mtg. w/ ID Arbitration Dept.; Mtg. w/ President Dubroski; Mtg. w/ DM&IR Gen. Chairman.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Leroy D. Jones-Receptions: Senator Johnson (D-SD); Cong. Young (R-AK); Israel (D-NY); Publications Committee Conference Call; Depart for Yucca Mountain, NV; Yucca Mountain, NV; Mtg. w/Nuclear Energy Institute; Tour Yucca Mountain; Enroute to Washington, DC; AFL-CIO Political Directors Mtg. High Speed Ground Association Government Relations Mtg. Receptions: Cong. Boehlert (R-NY); AFL-CIO Meet N Greet for Mayor McGreevy; Louisiana State Legislative Board Meeting; Return to Washington; Receptions, Cong. Evans (D-IL); Borski (D-PA); Serrano (D-NY); Maloney (D-CT); Sherman (D-CA); Dingell (D-MI); Gilman (R-NY); Hoyer (D-MD); Pallone (D-NJ); Boswell (D-IA). Shortline Railroad Association Congressional Dinner; Mtg. w/Cong. Weller (R-IL), re: Railroad Retirement legislation; Mtg. w/Cong. Quinn (R-NY); Moore (D-KS); Rahall (D-WV); Berkley (D-NV); Receptions: Cong. Blumenauer (D-OR); Holden (D-PA); Reception: Senator Carnahan (D-MO); AFL-CIO Adm. Mtg. TTD Leg. Mtg. Receptions: Cong. Shows (D-MS); Boehlert (R-NY); Receptions: Cong. Boehlert (R-NY); Kennedy (D-RI); Senator Dorgan (D-ND); Rail Freight Oversight hearing. Press Conference/Introduction of Railroad Retirement Bill (H.R. 1140). Receptions: Cong. Ross (D-AR); Bonior (D-MI); Mascara (D-PA); Berkley (D-NV); Matsui (D-CA); Senator Daschle (D-SD); Labor Breakfast for Senator Cleland (D-GA). Railroad Retirement Coalition Mtg.; UP reception for Sean O'Hallaren, Asst. Secretary for Governmental Affairs, DOT; Reception: Cong. Berry (D-AR); TWU Luncheon for Cong. Abercrombie (D-HI); Railroad Retirement Reform Coaltion meeting. Receptions: Cong. Davis (D-FL); Stupak (D-MI); Doggett (D-TX); Abercrombie (D-HI); Wu (D-OR). DCCC Luncheon. Mtg. w/Cong. Filner (D-CA); Stupak (D-MI); Dingell (D-MI); McCollum (D-MN); Doyle (D-PA); Berkley (D-NV); Carson (D-OK); Oberstar (D-MN); Gephardt (D-MO); Rayahll (D-WV); Hoyer (D-MD); Borski (D-PA); Hearing ­ Railroad Track Safety. Lunch w/Mark Dysart, President, and Leo Gannon, Treasurer, HSGTA; State Senator Steve Tolman (D-MA); State Rep. Rick Geist (R-PA).

Vice-President William C. Walpert-ID Office; BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; BLE Safety Task Force; On-property negotiations, Union Pacific, Omaha; PLB 6355, Dallas; Gateway Western Mobilization Training, Collinsville, Ill.; Regional Convention Chairman mtg.; Div. 573 mtg., Wylie, Texas.

Vice-President Edward W. Rodzwicz- Norfolk Southern-Eastern region, Imperial; Paducah & Louisville RR, Nashville; NS-E region engr. training center; S. Buffalo RR-Investigation on collision; Advisory Board mtg.; Mtg. w/ Pres. Dubroski, VP Sorrow, GC Wallace, VGC Thompson & 14 divisions, Harrisburg; SBA 894 Award 1666, Philadelphia; Assignment under direction of Pres. Dubroski; Mtg. w/ VGC W.A. Thompson; Section 6 notices for S. Buffalo RR; General office duties.

Vice-President Don M. Hahs- BNSF system including MRL & ATSF, UP former SP West, Tacoma Belt; General office duties; BNSF on-property wage/rule; Travel to Chicago; PLB 4450, neutral D. Eisher, GC Donnigan, UP, Chicago; Travel to Omaha; UP on-property wage/rule.

Vice-President Richard K. Radek- International Office; BLE Decertification Helpline services; Director of Arbitration Dept; National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB); Illinois Central; Wisconsin Central; Indiana Harbor Belt; METRA; Belt Rwy. of Chicago; Paduca & Louisville; Chicago Central & Pacific; Arbitration/administration, NRAB various; IHB/METRA general assistance-negotiations; WC general committee session; I.D. service arbitration, IC, Boston; IC negotiations; WC screening conference; FRA Part 240.409 dockets this month: EQAL 99-21, 97-65, 98-67, 98-21, 98-76, 99-37, 99-04, 98-92, 98-101, 97-54, 98-125.

Vice-President Dale McPherson - I&M Rail Link; CP Rail/SOO, UP East Lines; Indiana Railroad Co.; M&NA;. LP&N, Longview Sw. Co. TRRA-St. Louis; Pacific Harbor Line; PLB 6281, Priester, CPR; CPR section 6 mtgs.; UP work/rest, Denver; CPR health & welfare; UP section 6 mtgs.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles Hallé-Ottawa office; Mtg. w/ CN Rail; CIRB pre hearing; Mtgs. at ID; EFAP mtg.; CN-W GCofA mtgs.; CN national negotiations; Canadian Club dinner; Mtg., re: Boultar seats; Railway association; Negotiations w/ CBCNS Railway.

Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada T. George Hucker-Ottawa Office; Canadian National Legislative Board; Algoma Central national negotiations; Mtg. w/ CP Rail pension cmte.; Core return to work cmte. mtg.; Port Authority mtg.; Triennial mtg. of New Brunswick Legislative Board; Triennial mtg. of Alberta Legislative Board; CPR return to work mtg.; CPR pension dpt. mtg.


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