BLE member angry over Railroad Retirement deal

Dear Editor:

I would like more information about what is going on with the Railroad Retirement system.

As almost everyone knows, this is our money that has been part of our compensation packages over the last two decades. To me, it sounds unethical that this money was always mentioned as our compensation. It has been used as leverage against us for getting substandard pay increases.

Now, it seems as though it is being leveraged against us again. They have been taking this money away from us for two decades up front and now, want to take it away from us on the back end.

To retire at 60 is really no deal at all. Many of us can go at 60 now. The way the carrier has managed to manipulate the government, they are just "steamrolling" over us from every angle.

We are literally being worked into the ground with policies like the "Availability Policy," which is now called "Attendance Guidelines." The only thing different is the name.

I knew there were evil men in this world but I did not realize how blatant they could be in respect that, they're accomplishing all this with the blessings of those in our judicial system. I have almost lost all hope that things will ever get better. How does one compete when there is not a level playing field?

The carriers have become artists at manipulating the truth and the judicial system is influenced by big money. It is hard to find an honest man amongst all that power and money.

Thank you for your time.

Bill Gray
BLE Division 104
Spokane, Wash.

(Editor's Note: Please see related article titled "Carriers turn down compromise Railroad Retirement proposal.")


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