Volume 13, Number 3




Page 1
Spying in the locker room -- GTW engineers find hidden video camera; trainmaster brags about seeing them naked
BLE tackles dual-pay system -- also signs deal to fight fatigue, improve work schedules

Page 2, Legislative Update
BLE's pro-Amtrak resolution adopted by West Virginia House
"Destination D.C." lobbying effort unites labor unions, carriers, shippers
"Paycheck deception" legislation active in 14 states
BLE examines DOT management issues

Page 3
First Training Centre class a success
En Français: Le premier cours au Centre de formation fut un succés

Page 4
Monin answers more Q&As on proposed new union
BLE General Chairmen meet in St. Louis

Page 5
Amtrak accelerates into the future -- introduces high speed trains for Northeast Corridor
11 killed, 100 hurt in Amtrak wreck near Chicago
BLE statement following fatal wreck

Page 6, BLE Senior Report
Part II: Railroad Retirement income tax filing

Page 7
BLE joins National Sleep Apnea Awareness Day
Treatment helps BLEr overcome sleep apnea
What's your snore score? Find out if you might have sleep apnea

Page 8
NTSB safety hearing concludes; BLE safety programs would have helped UP
Division 42 holds fund raiser
March 1999 calendar and events
Advisory Board February activity

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