Volume 12, Number 3 ­ March 1998

Page 1
UTU found guilty of trying to raid BLE
BLE mobilized for action on Union Pacific
BLE, NTSB investigate Union Pacific's safety record

Page 2, Capitol Briefs
BLE hosts Russian locomotive engineer
Free hazmat training offered
STB goes online

Page 3
Fund established to assist ailing BLE member
UP safety "needed to be fortified" during SP merger
New scholarship opportunity offered by BLE
McPherson to direct BLE short lines

Page 4
Article XX hearing clarifies several UTU falsehoods
BLE readies troops after Article XX victory
BMWE, BRS condemn UTU in brief to NMB

Page 5
UTU petition to NMB could result in 'no union'
BLE mobilized for action on Union Pacific

Page 6, BLE Senior Report
Part II of Federal income tax and Railroad Retirement benefits Q&A
RRB issues dates, locations for 1998 informational conferences

Page 7
Circuit court ruling yields victory for BLE over UTU
BMWE, BRS oppose UTU raiding attempt on BLE

Page 8
Deadline for IWC in Tucson draws near
BLE Calendar
BLE Advisory Board February Activity


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