UnitedHealthcare announces open enrollment, new plans under GA 23-111

In mid-March, UnitedHealthcare announced that for the upcoming open enrollment for 2008, three new benefit plans are available under GA-23111.

These new benefit plans, called Plans A, B and C, provide new options with different costs and plan designs allowing individuals to select the plan best suited for their needs.

These changes should be of particular interest to former railroad employees and their eligible dependents who are not yet eligible for Medicare.

Special Enrollment Period - April and May 2008

Due to the addition of these three new plans, a special two month open enrollment period is being offered for this year only. The open enrollment period will begin April 1st and run through May 31st with the coverage you select effective June 1, 2008. After this 2008 enrollment period, the next open enrollment will be May 2010. (Note that this 2008 expanded enrollment period also applies to other Plans under GA-23111 such as Plan E and Plan F.)

Plan Design of Plans A, B, and C

Some of the services provided by these new plans are outlined below. Please review the accompanying chart for more details (due to space limitations, the chart is reproduced on the BLET website - see link below).

While all of the benefits offered by each plan are the same, they differ in the following areas:

You pay a separate monthly cost for yourself and for your dependents. The monthly cost for your dependents is inclusive of all of your eligible dependents (spouse, children under age 19, students age 19 to 25, and incapacitated children age 19 and over).

The monthly cost for each of the new plans effective June 1, 2008 is:

Current Enrollees in GA-23111 Plans B or C Need to Take Action

Current Plans B and C will be replaced by these new options. If you are currently enrolled in Plans B or C, you need to select a new plan or the following will occur, effective June 1, 2008:

Note: Any current enrollees in Plan B or C who do not wish to continue their participation in one of the new plans can contact the Customer Care Center at 800-842-5252 to cancel their enrollment, or simply not pay the required cost associated with the new plans.

Obtaining Additional Information on Plans A, B, and C

If you are interested in enrolling under any of the new benefit plans, please contact UnitedHealthcare at 800-842-5252. One of United Healthcare's customer care professionals will provide you with the following:

A color chart specifying details of the services provided by these new plans is available here:




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