Tentative contract at Amtrak

The BLET and Amtrak have reached tentative agreement covering 1,300 passenger engineers who operate trains over Amtrak's 21,000-mile, 46-state system.

The new contract is based exclusively on the recommendations of Presidential Emergency Board 242 and is typically identical to agreements reached by nine other unions earlier this year. It provides for wage improvements amounting to a 34.7 percent increase over the hourly rate in effect at the end of the last agreement, 100% retroactive pay, and no work rule changes.

"There are still numerous other collective bargaining goals that must be addressed and won in the next bargaining round," said Amtrak General Chairman Mark Kenny. "However, this tentative agreement stands as a monumental step toward equalizing the eight years of inequity and frustration BLET Members, and all Amtrak employees have been forced to confront on a daily basis."

A copy of the tentative agreement and associated documents are on the Amtrak General Committee website: http://bletamt.org. Ballots on the tentative agreement are due by March 28.



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