Nebraska State Legislative Board Chairman Randy Meek reelected by acclamation

Randy Meek was reelected by acclamation to the office of Chairman of the Nebraska State Legislative Board at the Board's regular triennial meeting February 5-7 in Lincoln, Neb.

Brother Meek is a member of Division 98 in Lincoln, Neb. Also reelected by acclamation were 1st Vice-Chairman Bill Hunt of Division 88 (North Platte, Neb.), 2nd Vice-Chairman Pat Pfeifer of Division 88, and Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Vogt of Division 98. Also elected were two new executive committee members: Sam Caruso of Division 183 (Omaha, Neb.); and Ron Ross of Division 621 (Wymore, Neb.).

At the meeting there was business discussion regarding cab conditions, bylaws changes and the current bills before the Nebraska Legislature. The delegates and officers attended an open reception for Nebraska State Senators as part of the Change to Win Nebraska (CTW-NE) labor coalition, which hosted the reception. The delegates and officers also joined with Change to Win Nebraska to lobby the senators on the primary bills targeted by CTW-NE. The group was recognized by the legislature while seated in the gallery.

One of the guest speakers at the triennial meeting was Chastity Young, Regional Political Director of the Teamsters. She spoke about the ongoing Teamster political department reorganization and gave the delegates some tips on how to speak with elected representatives. Another guest speaker, Dick Scott of the Yaeger, Jungbauer & Barczak designated counsel firm, spoke about injury reporting and gave a presentation on accident/incident reconstruction from the book he presented to the delegates.

The Legislative Representatives attending as delegates were Bill Hunt, UP, Division 88 (North Platte, Neb.); Charles Bacon, BNSF, Division 98 (Lincoln, Neb.); Sam Caruso, UP, Division 183 (Omaha, Neb.); Ted Counter, UP, Division 303 (Morrill, Neb.); Ron Ross, BNSF, Division 621 (Wymore, Neb.); Lance Flohr, BNSF, Division 622 (Alliance, Neb.); and Tom Buresh, BNSF, Division 623 (McCook, Neb.).

On Monday evening, delegates were entertained at a dinner held by designated counsel Yaeger, Jungbauer & Barczak. On Tuesday evening the designated counsel firm of Rathmann & O''Brien held a dinner and a seminar about whole body vibrations in locomotive cabs. Chairman Meek issued a special thanks to the two firms for their help in hosting the meeting.

Officers and delegates of the Nebraska State Legislative Board at their regular triennial meeting in February.

Seated, from left: Bill Hunt, 1st Vice-Chairman (Division 88, North Platte, Neb.); Randy Meek, Chairman (member of Division 98 in Lincoln, Neb.); and Jeff Vogt, Secretary Treasurer (Division 98, Lincoln, Neb.).

Standing, from left: Lance Flohr, Legislative Representative of Division 622 (Alliance, Neb.); Pat Pfeifer, 2nd Vice-Chairman (Division 88, North Platte); Tom Buresh, LR of Division 623 (McCook, Neb.); Charles Bacon, LR of Division 98; Ron Ross, LR of Division 621 (Wymore, Neb.); Ted Counter, LR of Division 303 (Morrill, Neb.); and Sam Caruso, LR of Division 183 (Omaha, Neb.).



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