STs complete Education & Training workshop in Kansas City

Dozens of Secretary-Treasurers from across the United States completed a BLET Education & Training Department workshop in Kansas City, Mo., from March 12-15.

Seated, from left: Walt Schmidt, BLET Director of on line services; Bob Broka, Records Department Director; Bill Walpert, National Secretary Treasurer; Ken Kroeger, Coordinator of Education and Training / Special Representative; Terry Willingham, Secretary-Treasurer Division 500; and Bryan Carter, Secretary-Treasurer Division 116.

Second row, from left: Tim Schlesener, Alternate ST Division 344; Jerry Elmore, Norfolk Southern-North Lines GCA ST; Phillip Fullerton, ST Division 336; Jim Evans, ST Division 527; Kevin Leyerle, ST Division 81; Robert Standiferd, ST Division 64; Ben Totta, ST Division 777; Tim Morgan, ST of the Missouri State Legislative Board and ST of Division 86; and Christopher Riley, ST Division 75.

Back row, from left: Christopher Blair, ST Division 609; John Whistler, ST Division 364; Bill Spiecker, ST Division 442; Timothy Foster, ST Division 173; Mike Reeves, ST Division 86; Michael Zenner, ST Division 130; Brent Cross, ST Division 523; Richard Dame, ST of the Kansas State Legislative Board and ST of Division 587; Danny Dear, ST Division 918; Steve Muerhoff, ST Division 391; Dave Ditzel, Special Representative; Ron Hagar Jr., ST Division 462; David E. King, ST of the Florida State Legislative Board and ST of Division 35; Dr. Elaine Reese, BLET Director Office of Tax Compliance; Steve Diamond, ST Division 491; and Thomas Smith, ST Division 203.

During the four-day session, members learned proper recordkeeping techniques, computer applications, and recording of minutes. They also learned methods for filing various Department of Labor and Railroad Retirement reports, as well as Federal tax returns. A representative from the Department of Labor was on hand to answer Secretary-Treasurer questions and provided tips regarding the preparation of LM reports. Major funding for the workshop was provided by the North American Railway Foundation (NARF).



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