March 2005 Calendar & Events


MAY 4-5, 2005... National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen meetings

The BLET's legislative leaders conduct their annual meeting in Las Vegas. See this issue for details.


MAY 22-27, 2005... Advanced Local Chairman Workshop, George Meany Center

Room is still available for this intensive workshop, and members may register through the BLET's website at: . This workshop goes into great detail on writing, claims handling, and investigations. Among other assignments, the students will be given a topic to research and report back to the class; there will be a session on Duty of Fair Representation (DFR); the Railway Labor Act (RLA); and several appeal letters will have to be written on cases passed out in class. Again, a highlight of the workshop is when attendees participate in a simulated disciplinary hearing. Attendees are elgible for a stiped of $86 per day from the North American Railway Foundation. For details contact Ken Kroeger of the BLET Education & Training Department at: (216) 272-0986.


JUNE 12-17, 2005... 78th Annual Southeastern Meeting Association, Montgomery, Ala.

Hosted by Brother David Bowen and the members of BLET Division 740. See this issue for details.


JUNE 26-30, 2005... 67th Annual Eastern Union Meeting Association, Saratoga Springs

Hosted by Arrangements Chairman Bill Kearsing and the members of Division 46. See this issue for details.


JULY 3-8, 2005... 65th Annual International Western Convention, Calgary, Alberta

Hosted by Mike Linkletter and the members of BLET Division 355. See this issue for details.


OCTOBER 2-6, 2005... 70th Annual Southwestern Convention Meeting, Oklahoma City

Hosted by John Salisbury and the members of BLET Division 141, the 70th annual SWCM will be held at the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel, (405) 228-8000 or (800) 468-3571. More details to come when available.




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