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Volume 19 - Number 3
March 2005

Judge blocks BLET strike threat at LIRR

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Carriers reject bargaining ground rules

The second bargaining session over changes in wages and work rules of the national rail carriers concluded prematurely on March 10 when the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC), representing the Class One carriers, refused to entertain or even discuss ground rules for negotiations proposed by the Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (RLBC), representing seven rail unions comprised of 85,000 rail workers.

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TTD resolutions cite FRA, rail security needs

The AFL-CIO's transportation leaders condemned the Federal Railroad Administration for being "asleep at the switch" and issued a call for improved transportation security during its winter board meeting held in Las Vegas during early March.

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Corbin, Ky., passes RCO safety resolution

The city council of Corbin, Ky., passed a remote control safety resolution on March 14 that urges the U.S. Congress to force the Federal Railroad Administration to implement enforceable safety regulations to govern the operation of remote control locomotives.

Corbin is the 62nd community in the United States to pass such a resolution (43 cities and 19 counties).

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UTU misses the mark on remote control safety

It is apparent -- once again -- that the United Transportation Union has missed the mark when it comes to remote control.

The UTU's Legislative Director from North Dakota recently testified against a BLET safety resolution regarding remote control locomotives before the North Dakota Senate Transportation Committee. His testimony was posted on the UTU's website under the headline, "Straight talk about remote control." The author boasts that remote control has "virtually nothing to do with safety," insisting that it is only a jobs issue.

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